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What is the Kinetico Care System?

The Kinetico Care System is our way of taking care of the customer. This worry-free service makes sure our customers have the highest quality of water at all times. Our Kinetico Care System not only saves customers time and money, it gives peace of mind. We put customers front and center in everything we do and that’s why we’ve created this system.

• 15% Discount On Parts, Filters, Salt Delivery and In Store

• Product Updates

• Annually Test Water

• Automatic Billing

• Replace Worn Parts

• Service Equipment

Why do I need the Kinetico Care System?

You might not think about how hard your water softener or reverse osmosis works, that’s a good thing! You shouldn’t have to think about it, that’s our job. With the Kinetico Care System we make sure you’ve got worry-free water.

It’s recommended that you change your filters at least once a year. As a member of the Kinetico Care System we’ll do that for you. Each year we do an extensive 50 point inspection to make sure you’ve got the softest, cleanest water possible.

Over time parts wear out, your equipment works hard to provide you the best water possible. We work hard too, by replacing any worn part and testing the chemistry of your water. Our end goal is to provide you with worry-free water.

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    Kinetico of Magic Valley appreciates the Kinetico difference—one that flows from the superior design and performance of our products straight through to our service. Kinetico of Magic Valley brings the best thinking about water treatment custom fit to your home. You can count on our friendly professionals to treat your water and your family right.


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